Artists-On-Albums: AOA#4 (Chris Brokaw on Metal Box/Second Edition)

Chris Brokaw on... Public Image Ltd.'s Metal Box/Second Edition (Virgin Records/Warner Brothers, 1979) In 1977 I went to London with my mother and sister for a holiday. I turned 13 that summer. "Pretty Vacant" by the Sex Pistols had just been released.  I saw the huge posters for it on lorries. I went to the Virgin store and listened to it … [Read more...]

Extra Golden – Thank You Very Quickly

Even the most open-minded of music-lovers in the west will confess to a mild ignorance and misunderstanding of African audio life.  Obscured by Paul Simon's exploitative Graceland and the over-earnest reverence of Damon Alban's Mali Music or segregated into the patronising pigeonhole of 'world music,' African music is often respected from a … [Read more...]