Moonface – With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery

Although we live during a drastically different time for music to flourish, it should be duly noted that the best musicians continue to make music as a purely expressive extension of their art. Often, we forget that the best bands and artists are creating their craft and delivering it for all of us to enjoy; so naturally, as any good artists does, … [Read more...]

Bon Iver – Bon Iver

Back in 2007 when the self-released beauty of For Emma, Forever Ago was still awash for many music fanatics, Bon Iver’s subtle brilliance was just beginning to be realized – let alone recognized. While it took a year for many to finally catch on, perhaps a year or two for an autotune-influenced EP, Blood Bank, to infuse and appearances on a massive … [Read more...]

Moonface – Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped

Surely any art is some kind of self-indulgent act for its purely aesthetic level. Wanting to create something majestic and realizing that you have something to offer is an interesting balance and, yet, some musicians relish in releasing album after album of music. So, even in that sense, is it really acceptable to mark one’s eccentric abilities as … [Read more...]

Parts & Labor – Constant Future

There is a lot of music that simply seems to lay it on thick. Whether it’s clouding the arrangements with unnecessary chords or sometimes, it’s simply adding guitar reverb for lack of a much more appropriate instrument or tone. And still, there is a great deal of musicians who are carefully adjusting every shift to always be in complete harmony. … [Read more...]

Parts & Labor – “Nowhere Nigh”

What starts out with an up-beat digitised groove turns into a Bakesale-era Sebadoh vocal styling via Dan Friel. "Nowhere Nigh" comes from Receivers, which happens to be their sixth album - seventh if you include their 2003 split with Tyondai Braxton. Parts & Labor formed in 2002 in Brooklyn, NY. Receivers is their third album on Jagjaguwar, … [Read more...]

Women – Public Strain

As much as music appears to be changing, there are many aspects that remain the same. Fundamentally sound music is still, at the core, a foundation that needs to be set and, ultimately, musicianship is the key to that essential element of success. For Canadian band Women, that musicianship was on full display with the nervy, noisy art rock of Women … [Read more...]

Small Black – EP

Falling sonically somewhere between Rogue Wave and Clinic, Small Black's EP (simply called "EP") manages to breathe some life into the bedroom-Casio scene. The duo has picked up some positive press and has some international dates lined up, testifying to its uptick in popularity. Plus, the band is on the Jagjaguwar label, which doesn't hurt. It … [Read more...]

Peter Wolf Crier – Inter-Be

Peter Wolf Crier have two songwriting ideas. They like to either strum their acoustic guitars slowly, and thickly, occasionally accompanied with some piano flourishes, which usually has Peter Pisano singing slowly and deliberately. Or they play fast, attacking their sound in an almost krautrock level, with rough, primordial electronics supporting … [Read more...]

Simon Joyner – “Roll On”

Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, Simon Joyner comes at us with "Roll On" from, are you sitting down?, his twelfth record titled "Out In The Snow". Joyner's first release was back in 1993. A troubadour who has earned his stripes and deserves to be recognized. His releases run the gambit of media, form and availability. When one sees the name most … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Jr. – Farm

Two years ago, Dinosaur Jr. returned with its original trio to deliver one of 2007's best albums. Asserting itself as the loud and grunge master it sincerely is, J Mascis and crew have now found their fountain of youth with Farm. An album every bit as good as Beyond, it's time to realize that not only is Dinosaur Jr. back, but the group sounds … [Read more...]