Okkervil River – I Am Very Far

One can’t help but infer some deeper level of meaning from the title of Okkervil River’s sixth full-length album, I Am Very Far.  Indeed, the band – which now counts vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Will Sheff as its sole surviving original member – is a far cry from its rural New Hampshire roots of the mid 1990’s.  Particularly in terms of a … [Read more...]

Interview with Chris Reimer of Women

Their music has quietly risen to a new level where song structure is consistently being looked at and in turn, for Chris Reimer and Women, they’re newest album, Public Strain, is one of the finest follow-ups of the year. Getting ready for a string of dates that finds them honing in on the highlights off the recently released album, DOA was … [Read more...]

Richard Youngs – Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits

Richard Youngs is one of those artists who makes being a music fan an immersive and enjoyable pursuit – it’s engrossing to obsessively track back through his extensive discography when you first get into him, and then it’s fun to follow his every move once you’re fully aware of his consistency and unpredictability. I’ve been in both positions, and … [Read more...]

The Besnard Lakes – Are the Roaring Night

On their previous album, The Besnard Lakes were the dark horse, and now they are the roaring night. The shapeshifting comes only in name, though, as the band could have just as easily named their new album The Besnard Lakes Are the Most Consistent Rock Band On Earth. If you’re familiar with Are the Dark Horse, you might do a double take when … [Read more...]

Moonface – Dreamland EP: Marimba and Shit-Drums

There’s talk of a new Wolf Parade album coming out this year, we had a Sunset Rubdown and a Swan Lake album last year and the year before that, the second Wolf Parade album. Yeah, Spencer Krug works around the clock, constantly progressing his songwriting, his craft, his artistry and his skill to new levels. He’s defied the odds by creating rousing … [Read more...]

Pterodactyl – Worldwild

Pterodactyl did quite a bit of growing up between the release of its self-titled debut and its second record Worldwild. The first record, affectionately called “Bluebird”, featured a young band that could barely hold back its own horses, racing through minute-long punk songs with devil-may-care abandon piled high with falsetto vocals that did … [Read more...]

Odawas – The Blue Depths

With a solid outing of music that has always been respected but never unquestionably, recognized, Odawas’ duo, Michael Tapscott and Isaac Edwards, have made a name for crafting and creating ambient music that can be listened to on many different levels. After 2007’s complex and very different, Raven and the White Night, the two have returned with a … [Read more...]