Half Japanese – Volume 3: 1990-1995

With the still-fresh Volume 2: 1987-1989 set, Fire bottled-up three of the most accessible and distinctive Half Japanese albums (with associated archival off-cuts) for novices to find an easy way into the most sprawling branch of Jad Fair’s vast discography.  The newly-released Volume 3: 1990-1995 is a far gnarlier collection that takes a braver … [Read more...]

Half Japanese – Volume 2: 1987-1989

With such a thorough job having already been done in expansively restoring Half Japanese’s primordial works with the gargantuan Half Gentlemen / Not Beasts boxset in 2013 and last year’s Volume 1: 1981-1985 collection on Fire Records, approaching another 109 gathered tracks with the newly-available Volume 2: 1987-1989 selection is a somewhat … [Read more...]