Robin Saville – Public Flowers

Since forming ISAN with Antony Ryan in 1996, Robin Saville has forged a esoteric path in European electronica that has embraced technology - both retro and modern - to deliver an extensive body of work that is notable for its intimacy, intelligence, invention and playfulness.  With 2008’s debut solo album Peasgood Nonsuch - on the loveable Static … [Read more...]

Fredrik – Flora

Following on from the expertly-twined strands of melodic Nordic folk and post-Four Tet electronica inside the Trilogi collection and the ‘80s 4AD atmospherics folded within the Origami 7” EP, both released last year, the Sweden-based trio of Fredrik Hultin, Ola Lindefelt and – recent recruit – Anna Moberg, return with a third Fredrik long-player … [Read more...]