Interview with Therapy?

Hi Michael! It’s such a pleasure to be in touch with you and find out how you’re doing! Your new album, A Brief Crack Of Light, was just released on February 6th. Was there any last-minute pre-release craziness going on and is all okay now? I think we’re as prepared as you can be in this sort of situation.  There are always a lot of things that … [Read more...]

Interview with Dorian Dumont of The Teenagers

Hey Dorian – It’s so awesome to be doing this interview with you!  I’ve been playing your 2008 album Reality Check in my car lately and it’s so fun and filled with deliciously dirty lyrics, infectious melodies, and propulsive tempos.  Your pop songs have a youthful, sing-along zest, but are also dreamy and starry-eyed due to your cool guitar … [Read more...]