Interview with Gemma Ray

Gemma Ray’s new album, Lights Out Zoltar!, is out now in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on Bronzerat Records and has a release date of September 7, 2009 for the U.K. and October 27 in the U.S.. Delusions of Adequacy:  Hi Gemma!  You’ve posted 3 songs off of Lights Out Zoltar! at your MySpace site at  How … [Read more...]

Interview with Bigelf at Prog Nation!

Jordan Blum: How exactly did you get on the billing for Prog Nation? Are you friends with Dream Theater? Ace Mark: Yeah we’ve known Dream Theater for a long time. Portnoy heard our stuff and he got us on the European bill of Progressive Nation. There were some other bands that had some financial problems so they dropped out so we got the gig. … [Read more...]

Interview with The Lolligags

Hi Leslie and Ryan!  I've spun your latest EP, Out of Perversity Join Hands, and I love the whole kit 'n' caboodle of your ultra-catchy and darkly glossy electro-dance pop sound (I can't get "Merry Go Round" out of my head and it's been weeks!).  Leslie, your lively vocals resemble a playful and teasing Siouxsie Sioux with crisply layered, … [Read more...]

Interview with Erica Elektra of Hearts of Palm UK

Photo Credit: Ian Broyles Delusions of Adequacy: Hi Erica! Thanks so much for doing this interview with me. I spun your new album For Life recently and was beguiled by your cool, electro-pop sound, engaging melodies, bittersweet lyrics, and warm, clear vocals. You have a lot going on now with the release of your album on October 14 and an album … [Read more...]