Interview with 1984

Salut Etienne!  It’s a joy to be chatting with and to find out the latest about your band 1984.  You recently released an engaging EP titled Night Phases.  How does it differ in theme and tone from your last album Influenza, which was feverish and infectious (both in a good way!)? Hi Jen!  Our EP differs quite a lot from Influenza. You're right; … [Read more...]

Q&A with The Cannanes

Hello Frances!  It’s so good to be able to touch base with you about your recent Small Batch EP and catch up on how you and Stephen are doing.  You’ve been going at it for a long while, first forming The Cannanes in 1984 and then segueing through various incarnations of the band to your current duo status.  What was the spark that ignited your … [Read more...]

Interview with X-Ray Press

Uvb-76 is an obscure Russian radio station that infrequently makes cryptic transmissions; an almost perfect metaphor for what Russia has become post cold war era - irrelevant and furtive. A vestige of a bygone era characterized by xenophobia and paranoia, and as much as the threat seemed external it was very much internal, we feared change and so … [Read more...]

Interview with Tim Booth and Jim Glennie of James

James embarked on a North American tour in support of the U.S. release of The Morning After The Night Before, a unification of their two, U.K. released, mini-albums. The fifth stop on the tour was Boston’s Paradise Rock Club on September 25, 2010 and after being allowed to witness the soundcheck, musicologist DJ Ambient and I were able to secure … [Read more...]

Interview with Mark Hosking of Karnivool

Formed at the end of the 1990s, Australian prog rock quintet Karnivool are quickly gaining revere within the genre, as well as an ever-growing fan base. With their debut EP and subsequent two LPs, 2005’s Themata and 2009’s Sound Awake, they are proving to be quite a powerhouse, and fans of Tool, Dream Theater and The Mars Volta should … [Read more...]

Interview with Bruce Soord of The Pineapple Thief

The Pineapple Thief So let me begin by saying that I really enjoyed your last record, Someone Here Is Missing. Oh, thank you. I tell you it has sort of polarized the audience. Either people really like it or they’re thinking “Oh no.” But yeah it was a bit of fun. Well it’s really good. So to begin, how does The Pineapple Thief compare … [Read more...]

Interview with Legendary Guitarist Gary Green

First let me say I’m thrilled to speak with you. I’m a huge fan of Gentle Giant. Yeah, absolutely. I’m happy to do it. You guys did some very amazing stuff, man. Oh well, thanks. Sure. So speaking of that, how did you guys write and arrange the music of Gentle Giant? Well mostly the credit for that should go to Kerry Minnear and … [Read more...]

Interview with Untied States

Untied States has been making albums and touring for a few years now, so it's about time DOA sat down and talked with Colin, one of the band's two founding members. Untied States started out doing experimental music that was always as challenging as it was rewarding, but now the band has trimmed off some its less accessible edges (as Colin puts it, … [Read more...]

Interview with Morningbell

In December 2009, Morningbell released Sincerely, Severely. So far, the album has garnered high praise, including our own review available here. Damon, one of Delusion of Adequacy's writers, recently conducted an email interview with the band's founders, brothers Eric and Travis Atria. Travis is the primary songwriter and performer on the band's … [Read more...]

Interview with Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scenes has been making a name for itself in its hometown of DC and elsewhere around the country. Gifted with strong songcraft and a sharp delivery, the band has developed a following while it has developed its own sound. DOA caught up with band member Matt Dowling for his take on music, touring, and the idea that it takes dissatisfaction to … [Read more...]