Third album from Iglomat due in July

Post-rock electronica project Iglomat is back with its third album, Iglomat III, to be released July 27th on KFM Records.  The songs off the upcoming album are full of melodic, involving instrumentals, but also include some engaging vocal performances.  At its start, the project, co-founded by David Jack, was centered on two guitars and the sounds … [Read more...]

New album from Haiku Salut in July

Listen to lead single "Bleak And Beautiful (All Things").  Opening with a single intake of breath, the song sees the Derbyshire Dales trio continue to fuse ideas and genres to create a song that melts electronica into folk and teaches techno how to waltz. : When the trio released their debut album, “Tricolore”, in 2013, the trio of Gemma, Louise … [Read more...]

Whale Fall – “The Dawn Thief”

Whale Fall, the instrumental post-rock band from L.A., California, is set to release its sophomore opus, The Madrean, this spring and the cinematic atmosphere that emanates from this album evokes the grandeur of the panoramic landscapes of the Madrean, a region that exists between the southwest of the U.S. and the northwest of Mexico.  It’s a vast … [Read more...]

Album from post-rock instrumental band Whale Fall

Whale Fall is a post-rock instrumental band located in L.A. Formed in 2008, the five-piece, whose name derives from the biological process by which a decaying whale carcass becomes the host for a new sea life community, has quickly established a dedicated fan base who have embraced the band's dynamic live sound.  Whale Fall released its eponymous … [Read more...]

Interview with Haiku Salut

British instrumental band Haiku Salut formed in 2010 and is comprised of Sophie, Gemma, and Louise. The three bandmates released their first EP in 2011 and dropped their debut album Tricolore on the How Does It Feel To Be Loved? record label last year. Sophie, with input from Gemma and Louise, gives the scoop about their cheekily self-described … [Read more...]

Best Songs of 2013

I’m countin’ ‘em down like Casey “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars" Kasem used to do on the music TV show America’s Top 10: 10.  SPC ECO – “Delusional Waste” Dean Garcia (ex-Curve) and daughter Rose Berlin, creators of electro-ambient fantasias, approach justthissideofpop with their recent tune “Delusional … [Read more...]

Mandala Eyes – “Circles or Spirals?”

Florida based multi-instrumentalist Alex Alexander, better known by his stage name Mandala Eyes, has been releasing music ever since his first EP Living in 2010. Recently though, Alexander has started working on his latest project Cymatics. The first single of the ongoing project was released earlier this summer and is titled “Circles or … [Read more...]

Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus

Throughout their short career Fuck Buttons duo Andrew Hung and Ben Power has carefully crafted rousing electronic music that is always forcefully moving. Being careful while also being forceful sounds like an oxymoron waiting to happen but for the noisy electronic music that Fuck Buttons generate, it’s a match made in heaven. Their first album, … [Read more...]

Matthew Shaw – Lamorna

Spring has come late to Britain this year. As the last of the unseasonal snow thaws and flower buds reluctantly open Matthew Shaw’s Lamorna seems a fitting soundtrack. Minimalist sounds stir behind tentative birdsong as spring makes its slow arrival. In fact, the album was recorded last summer at the pretty fishing village and cove in Cornwall the … [Read more...]

Henry Fool – Men Singing

I’m the first to admit that jazz rarely appeals to me; I usually find it to be extremely repetitious, stagnant, and uninvolving. However, every once and awhile I come across an album that challenges my expectations with its inventive exploration, colorful timbres, and exceptional variety. Case in point: Men Singing, the newest release by Henry … [Read more...]