Collide – “Bending and Floating” video

KaRIN and Statik have had a long and active career as the DIY electro-industrial dream machine Collide, releasing their latest album Counting To Zero last autumn.  They hit a high point with the single “Bending and Floating” and its accompanying dreamily dystopian video directed by Edward Mavskegg. The video seems like it comes from a lost … [Read more...]

Willis Earl Beal – Acousmatic Sorcery

Seemingly pulled out of an antique china case after years of shelf life, Willis Earl Beal dusts the shelves off and emerges with a poignant yet simple batch of tunes with his debut anthem, Acousmatic Sorcery. Throughout the album a few characteristics stand out, but out of its many blues like qualities the one that I see potentially defining the … [Read more...]

Coeus the Boxing Titan – The Boxing Titan Spawns

In today’s music scene, uniqueness seems harder and harder to find. Whether good or bad, most new music isn’t very original, and that’s sad. Luckily, industrial/prog/electronic outfit Coeus the Boxing Titan (what a name!) is an exception to the rule. On its debut LP, The Boxing Titan Spawns, the group manages to combine several drastically … [Read more...]

Illdisposed – There Is Light (But It’s Not For Me)

There Is Light (But It's Not For Me) is the tenth studio album from Danish death metalers Illdisposed, who started way back in the dark days of 1991. And, with that knowledge, my first thought as a newcomer to the band is how fresh they sound, as their tracks on the album have a vibrancy that is found more often within new bands, rather than … [Read more...]

Anaal Nathrakh – Passion

One does not exactly sit and listen to Anaal Nathrakh but rather allows a complete and thorough violation upon the senses. The band's aural assault is all consuming and blatantly violent. The group from Birmingham, UK bring their own brand of black and death metal, with infusions of many other genres such as grindcore and industrial, stripping it … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 4 EPs

Batwings Catwings – Peacock Collection EP Indian Gold Records L.A.-based Batwings Catwings recently released this EP on Indian Gold Records and the band throws down 4 energetic and enticing tracks where dance-pop pep and melody mixes equally with punk rock menace and noise. The urge is great to shout along with … [Read more...]

Circus of Dead Squirrels – Operation Satan

Commentary and attacks on society, politics, and the human disease have never been strangers to music, but rarely has an artist delivered their message with such brutality, directness, and quality as Circus Of Dead Squirrels. The Arizona band sits loosely in the industrial metal genre, but suck in numerous flavours from elsewhere to make them not … [Read more...]

Heirs – Fowl

As one who is not particularly keen on instrumental songs let alone albums, always feeling I am being short changed without vocals and only being given a partial track, I have to say Melbourne sound painters Heirs has me reassessing that flaw on my part. The Australians not only paint pictures with their music but create images, memories and worlds … [Read more...]

Natalie Beridze/TBA – Forgetfulness

Natalie Beridze goes by TBA, which gives her songwriting persona a sense of shadowy mystique. Her music is similarly intangible, embracing the darkened electronic miasma that takes credence from both Broadcast and Nine Inch Nails. On Forgetfulness Beridze’s cusped voice hoverins over the queasy blips and gut-pounding bass, squelching out peculiar, … [Read more...]

Purest Spiritual Pigs – Body Misses

Purest Spiritual Pigs is a collaborative multimedia project from artist Helena Thompson (formerly of band Her Majesty The Baby) and the collective’s most recent release is Body Misses which includes 6 new tracks as well as 5 tunes off a previous EP.  The album is self-released on Clandestine Works Records and is also being distributed by Shinto … [Read more...]