Jon Tessier – “Like The Sun”

Brazilian-born Jon Tessier is a Brazilian-French artist who grew up in Malaysia and now works in an Ibiza music studio.  Tessier is a man of many talents with skills as a producer, musician, singer, and songwriter. While learning the music production trade, Tessier is also branching out as a solo artist.  During his time in Malaysia, he played … [Read more...]

Western Education – Restless Dreams

The Lowell, Massachusetts-based Western Education was started by Greg Alexandropoulos (lead vocals, keyboards) in 2011.  He was joined by Georgio Broufas on guitar and backing vocals and producer Will Hunt on bass.  The line-up solidified in 2012 with the addition of drummer Mark Ragusa, who has since left the band. Western Education released a … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Everlost US, The Grand Undoing & Tumbler)

Everlost US – “I’m Doing My Best” Everlost US is the musical project of the Orlando, Florida-based Jared Kay and his one-man-band approach sounds more like a scorchin’ five-member group than that of a solo musician.  Kay played in several bands before deciding to blaze a trail on his own, releasing a debut EP in 2014.  He recently released his … [Read more...]

Kerosene Stars – A Million Little Trees EP

With every review I write I become more and more conflicted with my ability to write them. Here’s why:  words cannot do what music does, and vice-versa.   Historically, I already know about these limitations. Henri Peyre warns, “Every critic and professor with any sense has warned readers and students twenty times over against the temptation of … [Read more...]

Rabid Young – “Beautiful Things” (video)

Las Vegas-based outfit Rabid Young is made up of Eric Rickey (of Most Thieves and Aurea Verba), Jackson Wilcox (of A Crowd of Small Adventures), Alex Stopa, Megan Wingerter, and Mason Bundschuh and they recently released a video for their sing-along electro-pop tune “Beautiful Things”.  The vid was directed by Michael Tushaus, an Emmy and other … [Read more...]

Interview with Flaunt

Heya Justin and Joseph!  It’s so cool to catch up with you during this exciting time with the ‘it-just-happened’ release of your new album Rave Noir.  It’s an ambitious and accomplished album that spans 18 tracks of disparate music genres – and you’re also in the midst of releasing an accompanying video for each song.  How is the whole process … [Read more...]

Interview with Scott Schaafsma (Kerosene Stars)

Hello Scott. It’s good to touch base with you about your band, Kerosene Stars, and your latest EP, Burn The Evidence, which is coming out this month. How are all the preparations going for the EP’s release? Hey - thanks for having us. We are running around trying to get all the promo and such in place in order to ensure we have a good turnout … [Read more...]

The Velvet Hands – “Games”

Toby Mitchell and Dan Able, the two young - and, it must be said, highly photogenic - blokes at the core of garage-rock band The Velvet Hands, aren’t adverse to sharing the spotlight and the mic on their gritty, but tuneful songs, none more so than on the appealing track “Games”.  Toby (lead vocals, guitar) and Dan (lead guitar, vocals) released a … [Read more...]

Interview with Monks of Mellonwah

It's so great to touch base with you about your new tuneful alt-rock EP titled Disconnect, your past recordings, and your future plans as Monks of Mellonwah. First off, can you please list who's in the band, what instruments you play, and what your mood is like at this moment? Joe de la Hoyde: Thank you so much for having us!  Monks of Mellonwah … [Read more...]

New release from The Rock And Roll Wall Of Death

The Rock And Roll Wall Of Death Release ‘The Department Of Recontinued Lines’, a feature-length 5-Track CD Package  or pre-order a CD & special edition DVD, out on Monday 26th October Promoted by Firehorse! Collective, the 5-track CD package entitled ‘The Department of Recontinued Lines’ is a celebration of The Rock and Roll Wall of … [Read more...]