Stars – The North

Although the enshrinement of pop continues to carry discrepancies, disagreements and discord, there’s little disenchantment with its overall spectrum of style. The catchy effect, the easy ability in being able to revel in heart-warming subjects and the combination of 80s influence into the brand new 2010s we live in, is a remarkable thing. Stars … [Read more...]

Moonface – With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery

Although we live during a drastically different time for music to flourish, it should be duly noted that the best musicians continue to make music as a purely expressive extension of their art. Often, we forget that the best bands and artists are creating their craft and delivering it for all of us to enjoy; so naturally, as any good artists does, … [Read more...]

Wild Beasts – Smother

The defining method many use on a band’s catalog is always one that can hold great distinction. For England-based Wild Beasts, they’ve confidently ensured that while their discography is still young, at now three albums rich, it has carried an identity of its own with albums that shine with magnificent melodies and instrumentation. After 2008’s … [Read more...]

Annabel – Here We Are Tommorow EP

Annabel is one of those bands that do not jump out at you initially. On my first listen to their latest EP Here We Are Tomorrow I was a bit underwhelmed, and not because the music was bad. This feeling came more from within; I was tired, and it was a genre overload in a lot of ways. Nevertheless, I managed to put aside my inherent momentary biases … [Read more...]

Campfire Ok – Strange Like We Are

Gone are the prodigious 80’s and the prosperous 90’s; we live in a time of great turmoil and uncertainty, to no surprise this is reflected in our music. Folk rock has a rich history of addressing social maladies, with the legendary songwriting of Bob Dylan to The Byrds and beyond. Campfire Ok’s latest full length LP Strange Like We Are continues on … [Read more...]

Masonic – Live Like A Millionaire

On the surface, Live Like A Millionaire sounds like a well-produced indie-pop album consisting of light and airy synth-based melodies and breezy indie-guitar strums over polished bass lines. And while all of that holds true, if you listen a little closer and dig a little deeper into the Austin, TX band’s 5th album, you’ll also hear a sophisticated … [Read more...]

Making Movies – In Deo Speramus

The intriguing Panama-via-Kansas City vibe promised by Making Movies' (or to be more precise, guitarist/vocalist Enrique Javier Chi's) South American roots surfaces sporadically on their debut In Deo Speramus, in a bunch of songs that are foremost worthy for their strong melody and dynamics, with or without a deeper trans-cultural … [Read more...]

Tickley Feather – Hors d’Oeuvres

My first experience with Annie Sachs, the woman behind Tickley Feather, was at a 2007 Animal Collective concert. On that night, my girlfriend at the time and I stood at the front of the stage perplexedly watching Sachs’ interesting demeanor. She sung into her microphone these unintelligible phrases and dialed up the fuzz and reverb to the highest … [Read more...]

Modern Skirts – All of Us in Our Night

  I’m a little mystified by Modern Skirts, a quartet from Athens whose unique style of 60s-cum-00s indie-pop varies often enough on All of Us in Our Night to make me repeatedly check that I’m listening to the same album. There’s an underlying connection – the band is comfortable making pop music drawing from the light and playful pop of the … [Read more...]