The Fools – Lost and Found

If you’re checking this out expecting to read about a second coming by the Massachusetts-based New Wave act from the dawn of the 1980’s, you’ve decidedly come to the wrong place. Those Fools were the ones who took The Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” and turned it into a snide and rollicking parody entitled “Psycho Chicken,” replete with fowl sound … [Read more...]

Royal Forest – s/t EP

Royal Forest are very much an indie rock band of the aughtie definition – meaning, they take a lot of songwriting tips from the heroes of the scene today; Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Modest Mouse etc. This is hardly a new development, a large crop of bands like Freelance Whales and Local Natives have forgone any influence from the pre-Moon and … [Read more...]

Peter Wolf Crier – Inter-Be

Peter Wolf Crier have two songwriting ideas. They like to either strum their acoustic guitars slowly, and thickly, occasionally accompanied with some piano flourishes, which usually has Peter Pisano singing slowly and deliberately. Or they play fast, attacking their sound in an almost krautrock level, with rough, primordial electronics supporting … [Read more...]

Adam Green – Minor Love

Adam Green occupies the same crossover niche of Conor Oberst and Andrew Bird – that being sulky, good-looking young men who prefer to keep their guitars un-electrified. However he’s always been more exploratory, and decidedly less poppy, than his peers. Minor Love is, in a lot of ways, his career culmination – even more so than his stint in the … [Read more...]

Snowstorm – s/t

The music Gods work in mysterious ways. Perhaps instead of sacrificing quality listening time, I should have been sacrificing something else to appease the Gods of melody. I’m not sure what I did to deserve this, but three of my last four reviews have been similar in style and substance. That is: lo-fi, acoustic-based, subdued pop with minimal … [Read more...]

Interview with Bitter Ruin

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hello Georgia and Ben!  It’s so wonderful to be doing this interview with you.  I’ve only recently found out about Bitter Ruin, but I was instantly bowled over by your sharply intense, stirring, dual vocal acrobatics, spirited guitar sound, and, well, what can I say - bitter and bracing lyrics. You have two EPs under your … [Read more...]

Scott Ryan – Tree Man EP

The vacillating serenity and chaos of Scott Ryan’s music doesn’t exactly encourage the types of bucolic visions you’d expect from a man who calls southern California his home.  The album art that accompanies his new Tree Man EP, with all its stark contrast between black and white, provides more than a hint that this is not just another collection … [Read more...]

mewithoutYou – It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All a Dream! It’s Alright

Critics and fans be damned, Aaron Weiss and co. have crafted an absolute outlier of an album with It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright. mewithoutYou ditches the gloom and drudgery that has come to define them and instead opt for a gentler sound based around acoustic guitar and pastoral lyrics about animals and God. And … [Read more...]

Mr. Bones And The Dreamers – The Absence Of Light EP

Kiernan Goddard and his seven-piece outfit Mr Bones And The Dreamers make music well suited to the climate of their home in Birmingham, England: temperate, tolerable, and lacking in extremes. The band specializes in a brand of easily digested chamber pop that compresses the emotional heat of the Arcade Fire and the icy ambience of Elbow. Their … [Read more...]

Aidan Moffat & The Best-Ofs – How to Get to Heaven From Scotland

Since ending Arab Strap in 2006, Scotland’s favorite morose and sex-obsessed singer has stayed busy with a number of projects. Last year saw the release of a spoken-word album, and he’s been recording with Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite in Aloha, Hawaii. He’s even written for the rock-focused magazine The Quietus, focusing on sex, of course. Well … [Read more...]