Thulebasen – Gate 5

Figuring out exactly what drives Thulebasen is something I've found slightly more difficult than usual. Reading their press and interviews in assorted Danish papers and websites I found that their admitted influences are almost exclusively from Denmark, and those of you reading this who enjoy nothing more of a spring evening than researching early … [Read more...]

Monster Machismo – Aye Aye Porcupine

“You can’t judge a book by its cover”? I totally disagree with that statement, at least in the context of this review. YouTube and boredom can definitely lead you down some interesting paths. Therefore, I decided to do an experiment of sorts. I type into the search bar “best indie bands” and I am immediately hit with hundreds if not thousands of … [Read more...]

Fenn O’Berg – In Stereo

Sometimes it takes a release like In Stereo to make you realize how much you’ve changed. With their last album coming nine years ago, laptop trio Fenn O’Berg now sounds like an almost completely altered beast. Gone is the anything goes pastiche and incongruity of Magic and Return, replaced with a more cerebral and settled mood which sounds both … [Read more...]

Sparklehorse + Fennesz – In the Fishtank 15

Almost one full decade into the new millennium, and indie rockers and laptop sound artists are still strange bedfellows. While over the years there has been minor seepage of electronics into indie rock, usually in the form of electronic beats or synth arpeggios, and similar seepage of MBV-esque, shoegazer gauziness into software-based sound art, … [Read more...]

Scott Pinkmountain & The Golden Bolts Of Tone – The Full Sun

At first glance, Scott Pinkmountain looks like any other unassuming and nondescript indie rocker: unkempt hair, raggedy flannel apparel, Blues Brother sunglasses, and a beard that’s several hours beyond its 5 o’ clock shadow. But oh, how this appearance belies the music on his stunning new LP, The Full Sun. A self-described journey from romantic … [Read more...]