Moderat – II

As Moderat, Apparat (Sascha Ring) and Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary) has seamlessly delivered a new entity that is able to live comfortably within its own skin. The latter’s rumbling bass and stacking of beats is a fitting partner for the former’s delicately-tailored melodies. And with each artist coming off what are arguably … [Read more...]

Junior Boys – It’s All True

After the release of their much-maligned, much-overlooked 2009 album, Begone Dull Care, Junior Boys’ main singer, Jeremy Greenspan, took two months off in China. The brief stay awarded him and other member Matt Didemus time to simply disconnect from the intense mirage of life by ways of a cultural clash. While the move certainly drew inspiration on … [Read more...]

Cepia – S/T

The one-man bedroom electronic artist is not uncommon these days. What is uncommon though is when these artists hit on a winning formula, like Caribou or Four Tet, that pleases both critics and fans alike. But while St. Paul-based Huntley Miller’s (Cepia) brittle electronica instrumentals probably won’t win the acclaim of the aforementioned, they … [Read more...]

Pale Sketcher – Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed

More improbable transformations have taken place, but it would be hard to introduce an uninformed listener to both Godflesh and Pale Sketcher and expect that listener to conclude they were both the brainchild of the same person. Even Jesu has been too much of a departure for many of Justin Broadrick’s earlier fans, trading in the aggressive for the … [Read more...]

Reporter – Time Incredible

One of music’s greatest gifts is being able to turn impressive live acts into impressive studio music – or even better, vice versa. While electronic music has battled to hold the prestige it currently has, even the best live artists have follies in the studio. For Portland trio Reporter, their music sounds just as vitally charged, just as buoyantly … [Read more...]

Bryan Baker – Nothing Falls from the Sky but You and I

On his Myspace page, songwriter and heretofore jazz guitarist Bryan Baker asserts that his latest batch of new material “sounds like everything he has ever listened to.”  It may read like a fairly insolent claim, but if you think of all of the artists who have been gradually pigeonholed by their relatively narrow list of influences, you have to … [Read more...]

Delicate Noise – Filmezza

Delicate Noise doesn’t really want to make you dance, in fact, if you end up swinging your hips it’s probably only tertiary to what mastermind Mark Andrushko wants to accomplish. He focuses on the small, the niggling, and the uncomfortable. The nasty, dread-addled feelings that hack at our psyche - all of which are thoroughly explored on his second … [Read more...]

Nedry – Condors

The future of electronic rock is happening now in the form of Nedry, a London, England-based trio of Ayu Okakita (vocals, percussion), Matt Parker (guitar, keyboard), and Chris Amblin (guitar, keyboard).  The band’s debut album, the accomplished and aurally-arresting Condors, is a restless, richly-detailed amalgam of intricate, glitchy electronic … [Read more...]

Hot Chip – One Life Stand

“Ready for the Floor” is without question, one of the best songs of the past ten years. Its bumping beats, the playful blips and beeps, the soaring melody and Alexis Taylor’s crisply sweet vocals all made up for one amazing song. And as much as it was easily the best song on Hot Chip’s Made in the Dark, it just as easily towered over everything … [Read more...]

Four Tet – There Is Love in You

If Steve Reich and Terry Riley had come of age forty years later than they did, chances are pretty high that the godfathers of modern minimalism would’ve done a killer collaboration with Kieran Hebden (a.k.a. Four Tet). Revered for his elegant and often mesmerizing synthesis of acoustic, electric, and digital instruments, this insatiable … [Read more...]