Sigur Rós – Valtari

At the risk of making a blatant generalization about one of this generation’s greatest bands, the main draw of a new Sigur Rós record was and still is the music’s uncanny ability to simultaneously put on a show of conspicuous beauty and flummoxing eccentricity.  Yes – “Hoppípolla” may have achieved ubiquity thanks to spots in nature documentaries … [Read more...]

Jónsi – Go

For better or worse (but leaning ardently toward the former), it’s true: Jón Þór Birgisson has placed his day job in Sigur Rós on hold and gone the way of the solo artist. Had he simply and eloquently faded away – like so many of his band’s most sublime songs – no one would’ve faulted him. Sigur Rós was easily one of the most relevant and … [Read more...]

Stafraenn Hakon – Sanitas

You ever try to picture the changing weather with some kind of sound? You know how bands like Wilco just sound that much better during the fall sort of thing. The coldness of winter can also bring upon trademark sounds and who knows, maybe it’s the cover image or even just the chillingly dark introduction but Stafraenn Hakon’s sixth album, Sanitas … [Read more...]

Icelandic Lay Low releases new album in March

Lay Low, the alter ego of Icelandic singer/songwriter Lovisa Elisabet Sigrunardottir, will make her North American debut on March 9, 2010, with the release of 'Farewell Good Night's Sleep' on her own Loo label. Recorded and produced in London by Liam Watson (White Stripes, Holly Golightly, James Hunter) at his analog mecca Toe Rag Studios, the … [Read more...]

Interview with Keren Ann Zeidel and Bardi Johannsson of Lady & Bird

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hello Keren Ann and Bardi -  I am very much looking forward to your upcoming album as Lady & Bird, your collaboration where Keren Ann is Lady and Bardi is Bird.  Your melodic, delicate, yet stunning self-titled debut album from a few years ago goes on a subtly thematic journey (about the flight and fall of two … [Read more...]

Stórsveit Nix Noltes- Royal Family – Divorce

Stórsveit means 'big band' in Icelandic.  I haven't found out what Nix Noltes means yet, and there are even fewer clues as to why this ten-track instrumental set is entitled Royal Family - Divorce in English.  What I can tell you is that Stórsveit Nix Noltes are an Icelandic supergroup of sorts, including within their ranks members of several … [Read more...]