Giant Sand – Heartbreak Pass

Returning to his core operations with Giant Sand - after two somewhat overlooked solo albums in 2013 (The Coincidentalist and Dust Bowl), a side-project collaboration with Radian and more time overseeing further entries in his still ongoing back catalogue reissue programme - Heartbreak Pass finds Howe Gelb commemorating thirty years since the … [Read more...]

Radian Versus Howe Gelb

Despite decades of ceaseless collaboration and rampant genre-hopping, Giant Sand’s free-thinking Howe Gelb has only flirted with but never consummated a relationship with electronica.  Perhaps given his self-projected ambassadorial role for the organically-grown corners of the music world, allowing his wares to be synthetically augmented and … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#38 (John Parish on Doc At The Radar Station)

John Parish on… Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band’s Doc At The Radar Station (Virgin Records, 1980) “Listen to this, it’s the worst thing you’ve ever heard” said the keyboard-player from my first band before sticking a cassette into the van’s sound system. It was an advance copy of Doc At The Radar Station that a friend working in Virgin … [Read more...]

Giant Giant Sand – Tucson

Perhaps being conscious that his own bounteous back catalogue has somewhat overshadowed his more recent repertoire – due to the lustrous ongoing reissue programme from Fire Records – Howe Gelb seems to have deliberately upped the ante for this newly-cut collection with the double-sized Giant Giant Sand.  Not content with merely enlarging his … [Read more...]

Fire Records & Critical Heights SXSW Showcase

With promising new deals just inked with Mission Of Burma (jumping ship unexpectedly from Matador) and The Variety Lights (the new project of ex-Mercury Rev singer David Baker), a steady stream of carefully-curated reissues (from Pulp and Archers Of Loaf) and some choice Record Store Day split releases being put to press for April (featuring Wooden … [Read more...]

Giant Sand – Backyard Barbeque Broadcast, Cover Magazine & Is All Over The Map (reissues)

With still a slew of solo albums and off-shoot releases waiting in the wings for resurrection, Fire Records’ dedicated Howe Gelb reissue mission finally reaches the last three ‘official’ Giant Sand albums needing to be brought back into the world.  After the standalone-to-savour re-release of 2000’s seminal Chore Of Enchantment a month or two ago, … [Read more...]

Giant Sand – Chore Of Enchantment (reissue)

As one of the most aptly-named albums in Giant Sand’s vast discography, 2000’s Chore Of Enchantment is a testament to forging magic out of adversity.  Widely-regarded as one of the best – if not the best – in the group’s sprawling canon, Chore is a kaleidoscopic collection, like R.E.M.’s Automatic For The People, against which everything before and … [Read more...]

Giant Sand – Black Out, Glum & Good And Services (reissues)

Having revisited the fertile and free-range early-‘90s chapter of the Giant Sand story a few months back, Fire Records continues its public service spirited reissue campaign by ploughing headlong into the band’s fragmented and febrile trio of early-to-mid-‘90s albums; namely 1993’s rare Black Out, 1994’s revered Glum and 1995’s live Goods And … [Read more...]

Giant Sand – Ramp, Center Of The Universe and Purge & Slouch (reissues)

Having reinvigorated Giant Sand’s largely misunderstood and overlooked early output, Fire Records have now reached the first major chunk of the band’s more career-defining 1990s phase, with reupholstered reissues of 1991’s Ramp, 1992’s Center Of The Universe and 1993’s Purge & Slouch. Ramp is undoubtedly one of the most important entries … [Read more...]

Giant Sand – The Love Songs, Long Stem Rant & Swerve (reissues)

After a somewhat welcome mid-wintertime pause in a reissue program that’s destined to exhaust wallets and storage space well across 2011 - and perhaps beyond - here comes three more carefully restored antique Giant Sand pieces from Fire Records.  Capturing the first of many transitional phases in the group’s history, this latest trio of relics – … [Read more...]