p d wilder – f/m

P d wilder, the guitarist of the Texas-based, post-rock, instrumental band Hotel Hotel has released his own album on the Gears Of Sand record label, and it's a 13-song, almost 70-minutes long, instrumental exploration that was recorded in several locations including the snowy realms of Fargo, North Dakota.  The soundscapes herein are replete with … [Read more...]

Northern Valentine & p d wilder – Untitled EP

Silber Records labelmates Robert Brown, of Philadelphia-based Northern Valentine, and p d wilder, of Texas-based Hotel Hotel, collaborated on this untitled, 6-song split EP released on the Gears Of Sand record label.  The all-instrumentals EP is a combination of solo compositions and live improvisations that Robert and p d recorded together while … [Read more...]

Short Takes on Five Releases

        The Verve - Forth Urban "Rock" Hymns follow-up to the band's masterpiece Urban "Symphonic" Hymns. With a running time of over 64 minutes, this album is chock full of epic (in theme and in length), and at times, meandering songs that are full of grand declarations, choral uplift, the vocally mutable Richard Ashcroft exclaiming … [Read more...]