Dean McPhee – Four Stones

Whilst it’s been a fair while since Dean McPhee’s last full album - 2015’s darkly probing Fatima’s Hand self-released via his Hood Faire label - the lone electric six-string explorer has been far from idle.  Besides bouts of touring, McPhee has diligently drip-fed out his wares through repeated appearances via the esoteric DIY Folklore Tapes … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#44 (Dean McPhee on In A Silent Way)

Dean McPhee on…. Miles Davis’s In A Silent Way (Columbia, 1969) My first introduction to Miles Davis was when a friend put Bitches Brew on my car stereo back in the late-‘90s while we were all parked up a hill in the middle of nowhere. It was copied onto a battered old tape and was slightly warped, which made it sound even weirder, further … [Read more...]