AU – Both Lights

Portland’s AU is a study in juxtaposition. Over the course of two LPs, songwriter Luke Wyland and percussionist Dana Valatka have earned more than their fair share of Animal Collective comparisons by churning out genuinely freakish experimental folk music, but there’s also a preoccupation with Terry Riley-inspired minimalism that counteracts the … [Read more...]

The Caribbean – Discontinued Perfume

The Caribbean is a Washington D.C. trio consisting of Michael Kentoff, Matthew Byars and Dave Jones that play a peculiar brand of understated rock that must be listened to closely in order to hear all of the eccentric stylings and musings. Unfortunately, the unrefined and often out of tune vocals create an obstacle that is nearly impossible to … [Read more...]

Brad Laner – Natural Selections

Underground-lifer Brad Laner, who has been actively releasing music since the early 80’s, is relatively unknown despite his extensive pedigree (Debt of Nature, Medicine, Lusk, Electric Company) and discography. Since becoming a father a few years back, he has scaled back his activities to mostly home recording, releasing his first official solo … [Read more...]