Planning For Burial – Leaving

Some albums live with us, in an unshakable and almost haunting way. Far removed from simply listening to a favorite song on a daily basis or blasting a certain record as “driving music” when hitting the road, these works instead become important to us, alternately reserved for ritual exhibition or subject to the random urge to be played anytime or … [Read more...]

Lonesummer – Satisfaction Feels Like A Tomb

Despite having a history steeped in lawlessness, black metal has become a battlefield ruled by its own peculiar order. Don't see it? Reference the limited viability of any sound in the genre not stemming from the genus Burzum or Darkthrone, the isolationist allegiance of artists to their own national "scenes", or the ongoing trend in boiling down … [Read more...]

Kellarissa – Flamingo

Kellarissa is the latest incarnation of singer/songwriter Larissa Loyva who was previously part of the bands P:ano and Choir Practice, and under her new name she has recorded the ten-song album Flamingo, which is out on the Canadian label Mint Records.  The mix of studio and home recordings fly, but sometimes rely too much on the power of … [Read more...]