New Album from Erik Nilsson in July

Hearing Things, the new album by  Swedish neo-classical ambient artist Erik Nilsson, will see release on 30th July through Hidden Shoal. Drawing on folk, classical and electronica, Erik Nilsson blends acoustic instruments with field recordings and computer-generated sounds, crafting music akin to early Four Tet, Tortoise at their most minimal, … [Read more...]

Antonymes – The Licence To Interpret Dreams

This album is probably the most heartbreaking set of songs I've heard since Bon Iver's For Emma Forever Ago, or I Am A Bird Now by Antony And The Johnsons. It's Brian Eno meets a dagger to the heart. Antonymes is Ian M. Hazeldine who currently resides in Wales. The Licence To Interpret Dreams is his first full length on Hidden Shoal Records, a … [Read more...]

New album from Stray Ghost in February

Hidden Shoal Recordings announce the release of 'Part 4', the new single from English ambient drone architect Stray Ghost, taken from his forthcoming album Nothing, But Death. On his immersive new release, Anthony Saggers mines the rich depths of melancholy and longing. 'Part 4' is a slow, sad drift across a half-remembered landscape of distant … [Read more...]

Sophomore album from Mukaizake out now

The cliché 'all killer, no filler' is often bandied around with very little to back it up. In the case of Australian indie math-rock marvels Mukaizake's stunning new release Unknown Knowns, the cliché applies: this six-song, half-hour mini-album is sheer perfection. Unknown Knowns kicks off with the fuzzy propulsion of single 'The Yeah … [Read more...]

Digital pre-release of City of Satellites album

Hidden Shoal Recordings have announced the digital pre-release of the debut album by Australian dream-pop duo City of Satellites. On Machine Is My Animal, City of Satellites deliver on the exceptional promise of their debut EP The Spook – and then some. This pristine album synthesizes ’80s pop aesthetics with ’00s production values to create a … [Read more...]

New EP from Stray Ghost

Hidden Shoal Recordings announced the release of Each Paradise is a Lost Paradise, the new EP by English ambient drone architect Stray Ghost. On his latest EP, Anthony Saggers works his magic in reverse. Rather than begin at the bottom, exploring the depths of melancholy, Each Paradise is a Lost Paradise is dominated by waves of rich, major-key … [Read more...]

City Of Satellites single released before debut album

Hidden Shoal Recordings is excited to announce the release of the new single by Australian dreampop band City Of Satellites. "Stranger Than Fiction" is a 'dreamy swirl of '80s synth sounds, propulsive drumming and Jarrod Manuel’s pure vocal tones. The song glides beautifully across a sea of dry ice, its aching melodies to the fore, taking … [Read more...]

Pre-Release of debut album by Elisa Luu

Hidden Shoal Recordings announced the digital pre-release of the debut album by Rome-based composer Elisa Luu. Though digitally crafted, Chromatic Sigh is warm, inviting and uniquely human, betraying a vulnerability and sensitivity that is rarely found in the male-dominated sphere of electronica. With its sighing, lilting qualities, Elisa Luu’s … [Read more...]