Q&A with Tunabunny

Hi Brigette, Mary Jane, Scott, and Jesse!  Congrats on your 3rd and latest album, Genius Fatigue, which is out on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.  I heard you’ve got a U.K tour coming up ASAP.  How is that looking and what are the essentials that you’ll be packing for this trip? Toothbrushes n undies. Also, a camping towel, umbrella and the … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 2 Albums and 1 Single

Afternoon Naps – Summer Gang 7” Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records http://hhbtm.com/ The two cuts off the new 7” from Afternoon Naps have a gentle, sweet innocence to them, in sonics, vocals, and subject matter.  Placidly wistful vocals of the male variety are accompanied occasionally by light female harmonies amid jangle-pop guitars and … [Read more...]

The Superions – s/t EP

Fred Schneider of The B-52’s fame is ba-a-ack, along with Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall, and they’re packing enough ham ‘n’ cheese sandwiches and a heaping helping o’ corn to satisfy even the most ravenous at the disco-pop picnic party.  This EP includes three original songs “Those Sexy Saucer Gals”, “Who Threw That Ham at Me”, and the oddly … [Read more...]

Afternoon Naps – Parade

Cleveland, Ohio-based Afternoon Naps revives 1960s-influenced indie-pop and 1990s U.K. twee sensibilities, projecting an upbeat instrumental dynamism that contrasts with the introspective singing and lyrics.  The band is made up of Tom Dechristofaro (songwriter/guitarist) and Leia Hohenfeld (arranger/keyboardist) and the two have been playing since … [Read more...]

The Lovely Eggs – “Haunt Me Out!”

“Haunt Me Out!” by The Lovely Eggs appears just in time for Halloween festivities and, in the words of Holly and David (or is that Twin Peaks?), “The Eggs are NOT what they seem!!”  This new single is available as an extremely limited release of 100 CD copies (with the Twin Peaks mystique continuing on the b-sides “It’s Spooky” and “Rappin’ In … [Read more...]

Casper & The Cookies – Modern Silence

The songs on Modern Silence alternately exasperate and enthuse as the band rummages through the past 50 or so years of musical history filtered through a lo-fi, indie, pop/rock lens.  The band line-up consists of Jason NeSmith (ex-member of Of Montreal) on guitar and vocals, Jim Hix on guitar and vocals, and Kay Stanton on bass and vocals (with Joe … [Read more...]

Interview with The Lovely Eggs

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hello Holly!  Hello David!  It is so lovely to be able to do this interview with you both, especially since you’re in the midst of a whirlwind tour of the U.S..  What’s it all been like?  Fun?  Nuts?  Eye-opening?  Maybe all of the above?  Have you visited the U.S. before as a band? The Lovely Eggs:  Yeah it's been … [Read more...]

The Lovely Eggs – “Have You Ever Heard a Digital Accordion”

Not the most intriguing song title, but Holly and David of The Lovely Eggs combine old-school DIY, plucky charm of bright, sing-song vocals and cheeky lyrics about accordions, scorpions, and…yes, beef bourguignon (love the British accent on that word) – with a sudden descent into a shouty, discordant inferno of chaos at the end of the tune. The … [Read more...]

Forever on tour

Portland, Oregon-based rock, post-punk, garage band Forever is on tour. June 26 Athens, GA @ ATHFEST June 27 Richmond, VA @ Show Pending / Playing a radio show in the day June 28 Washington DC @ The Girl Cave June 29 Philadelphia, PA @ JR's Bar June 30 New Brunswick, NJ @ TBA July 1 Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio July 3 Brooklyn, NY @ Dead … [Read more...]

Casper & the Cookies on tour

The band Casper & the Cookies released album Modern Silence in May on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records and will be on tour in July and August. Casper & the Cookies tour dates (with Everything, Now!) 7/16 - Columbus, OH - Circus 7/17 - Youngstown, OH - Cedar’s Lounge 7/18 - Pittsburgh, PA - Brillobox 7/19 - Scranton, PA - The … [Read more...]