Arbouretum – The Gathering

Writing about the self or from the self in one way or the other is the point of reference for a majority of song-based rock music. This usually brings to mind songs filled with first-person reflections on attitudes, motivations, social relations, needs, desires, and emotions. Though the language and themes inevitably are simple and repetitious, … [Read more...]

Tweak Bird – s/t

Last summer I saw Tweak Bird open for Big Business. I love both bands, but was really excited to see the Bird brothers play. Not only did their show give me goose bumps (a great indication of something phenomenal), they totally blew Big Business away. It's not often I can say that about an opening band. Their 2008 debut EP Reservations is … [Read more...]

Black Helicopter – Don’t Fuck With the Apocalypse

Black Helicopter are a no-nonsense Boston quartet who punch the clock for grungy rock with the same kind of humble work ethic as that well-respected mechanic you know, the one who is always busy but will never be rich nor able to retire comfortably. Often a bit sinister in their minor key riffiness, threatening a metal-style heaviness, Black … [Read more...]

…For Science! – “There Are Secrets Where Fairies Don’t Live”

Their Myspace page states that ...For Science! consists of "three assholes being jerks". This trio reigns from Columbia, South Carolina and track three off of the four song EP titled Song One, leaves them out of a pack strictly deemed for the weak and nonchalant. The jangled intro to "There Are Secrets Where Fairies Don't Live" is a sweet mix of … [Read more...]

Gay Witch Abortion – Maverick

Ah yes... another power duo. We know the formula: take a skilled guitar player and pair him (always seems to be a guy) with an equally skilled drummer then let the rock happen. The provocatively named Gay Witch Abortion consists of just such a coming-together. This one's more Vaz and Godheadsilo than it is Hella, but even without the same chops as … [Read more...]

Patrol – Zirconium

Patrol specializes in heavy alternative rock of the sort that flirts with metal and grunge. In some ways it's a little out of date, as its influences made their names years ago, but at the same time it's the kind of thing that the Warped-tour fans will likely relish. This is big-guitar music: distorted power chords with massive sustain. True to … [Read more...]