Visigoth – The Revenant King

When heavy metal thunder bolts are sent forth from above you pay heed and listen.  Case in point Salt Lake City, Utah's Visigoth and their first full length The Revenant King on Metal Blade Records.  Swords, sorcery and the occult all rolled into one bundle that is all guts and no dead weight. “The Revenant King” opens strong with riffs that … [Read more...]

Vestal Claret – The Cult of Vestal Claret

Connecticut's Vestal Claret bear a striking resemblance to that of Dawnbringer.  The focus lies in a tight, no-nonsense brand of heavy metal with a primitive approach. The Cult of Vestal Claret on Cruz Del Sur marks the band's third full length in three years along with two splits as well. The traditional heavy metal aesthetic is apparent right … [Read more...]

Skullfist – Chasing the Dream

Skullfist, those Canadian metal-minded misfits, blast into 2014 with their new full length Chasing the Dream on Noise Art Records.  Their 2011 offering, Head of the Pack was a great stripped down, straight-ahead metal assault that hearkened back to the halcyon days of metal; channeling the arts of such acts as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and … [Read more...]

Steelwing – Zone of Alienation

It’s very hard for me to review a traditional heavy metal album and not reveal my slight bias towards it.  Sweden’s own Steelwing keep the metal flame burning bright on their second full-length Zone of Alienation released on Noise Art Records.  Charging right out of the gate, this album has the potential to blast you right into the … [Read more...]

Valient Thorr – Stranger

Bang your heads! Valient Thorr is back with Stranger, their sixth release in seven years, on Volcom Records. No punches are pulled on this album and Valient Thorr further solidifies their role as Heavy Metal revivalists (think Mustaine-era Metallica meets Motorhead) on this balls to the wall masterpiece. Now, if one is not already a “Thorrior”, … [Read more...]