The Asteroid No. 4 – s/t

This, as far as I can make out, is the Asteroid No. 4's eighth album. Since their formation in 1998 the now San Francisco based band has made it their mission to reconfigure and reinterpret for a contemporary audience music and ideas that now belong to a world of five decades previously, the full blown lysergic commandments of the first wave of … [Read more...]

Origami Arktika – Absolut Gehor

It took me a minute or two to discover that the title of Origami Arktika's seven track album isn't a Norwegian phrase but a German one, translating as 'Absolute Hearing'. This is explicable by the fact that part of the Norwegian band's album was recorded at Einsturzende Neubaten's Berlin studio, in 2010, and if anyone is wondering why it has taken … [Read more...]

Harvestman, U.S. Christmas, Minsk – Hawkwind Triad

In the annals of psychedelic/space rock few are as venerated as Hawkwind. One of the great pioneers of the genre, yet sadly (almost criminally) unknown to many, other than "the band Lemmy got kicked out of before he started Motorhead." That being said, it is a testament to the quality and staying power of the music of Nick Turner and Co. that, more … [Read more...]