Eternal Sleep – Lessons

Combining elements of Trial, Hatebreed, and 25 Ta Life, Eternal Sleep bring us back to the days of 90's tough guy Hardcore. Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, their newest offering Lessons is four tracks of cold aggression. Mid-song breakdowns such as the one found in track three, "Mine", is reminiscent of the foot stomping bands I used to see live … [Read more...]

Jowls – Cursed EP

Keeping up with the D.I.Y. ethos so readily found in punk rock and hardcore music is something that, with the explosion of digital music, has become easier for many musicians, allowing them to promote and share their music to a nearly unlimited audience. And with the backing of a small, independent record label that subscribes to the same creed, … [Read more...]

Interview with Narrows

Hi guys!  Your powerhouse 2nd album, Painted, has been out for a few months, and it’s filled with seething fury (both instrumentally and vocally) and aggressive release.  Even though your album is lean ‘n’ mean, there’s an unexpected variety to the songs.  Before we dive into those details, can you list who’s in the band and what weapons you wield … [Read more...]

Revilers – s/t

The un-wavering hardcore punk tradition is rooted in DIY principles and a rigid anti-establishment mentality. Boston natives Revilers is no exception to this following. Their self-titled debut album shows fierce and energetic traits right off the bat as the first and second tracks, "No Bullshit Reactor" and "Revision" blare driving but … [Read more...]

Ceremony – Zoo

Anytime a band deliberately moves to put a shine on its irreverent, sweat-soaked image, there will inevitably be a critical flogging doled out by the group’s most ardent supporters.  Indeed, claims of “phoning it in” and “selling out” are prevalent in these circumstances.  It’s difficult to imagine a fiery hardcore act like San Francisco’s Ceremony … [Read more...]

Harpoon – Deception Among Birds

The controlled chaos and staggering sounds arising from the blend of grindcore, hardcore, and punk within the new album Deception Among Birds from Chicago metallers Harpoon, has resulted in a release that is gloriously impressive and deeply satisfying. The album, released October 25th via Seventh Rule Recordings, is a creative triumph, a colossus … [Read more...]

Rampant Decay/Kruds – split EP

Hitting hard, fast and with no thought of taking any prisoners, the split EP via PATAC / Blast-A-Lot from Rampant Decay and Kruds has no mercy. Through six tracks and an accumulated time falling short of ten minutes, the release makes strong men crumble and the meek run for the nearest corner to whimper and dribble insanely with their ears in their … [Read more...]

Sarabante – Remnants

In Thessaloniki, Greece, May 25,  a 24-hour strike by Greece's largest labor unions crippled public services as the Socialist government began a legislative battle to push through last-ditch cost cutting reforms that would exceed its own term in office. Demonstrators camped outside parliament for over a month.  Prime Minister George Papandreou had … [Read more...]

Earth Crisis – Neutralize the Threat

Just knowing that Earth Crisis is still alive and kicking some 20 plus years after their initial formation is reassuring, considering the fact that I was slamming to these guys back when Gomorrah’s season ended in 1996.  The New York hardcore mainstays are proponents of everything from veganism to a straightedge lifestyle offer up a new helping of … [Read more...]

Oversat – Mixed Signals EP

Mixed Signals, the new EP by Oversat, is an exercise in noisy repetition. Its six tracks sound a lot alike, and none of it is very interesting. In fact, even at only twenty minutes in length, it outstays its welcome rather quickly. The trio formed in 1999 and consists of King Doug (drums), Jeremiah LongBear (bass & vocals), and Jared Cooper … [Read more...]