VOODOO CIRCLE – Broken Heart Syndrome

If you are unaware of Voodoo Circle they are basically a super group consisting of musicians known and well respected from their ‘day jobs’ with bands such as Primal Fear, Silent Force, and Sinner. Founded by guitarist Alex Beyrodt, their self titled debut in 2008 heralded cries of mass joy and colossal praise, making the wait for a follow up long … [Read more...]

Valient Thorr – Stranger

Bang your heads! Valient Thorr is back with Stranger, their sixth release in seven years, on Volcom Records. No punches are pulled on this album and Valient Thorr further solidifies their role as Heavy Metal revivalists (think Mustaine-era Metallica meets Motorhead) on this balls to the wall masterpiece. Now, if one is not already a “Thorrior”, … [Read more...]

Bad Bones – A Family Affair

A Family Affair, the new album by Italian power trio Bad Bones, is essentially what would happen if Led Zeppelin, Motorhead and Metallica fused together. It’s somewhat of a mixed bag, though, as Bad Bones seem capable of only delivering the heaviness without the substance or variety. Still, there is a humility to it that brings some charm. The … [Read more...]

Zippo – The Road To Knowledge

The quality of an album depends just as much on the production as it does on the writing and performance. I have often encountered records with some interesting ideas that are ultimately ruined by poor sound, and I wish that the creators could go back and remix it, making it more polished and involving. The Road to Knowledge, the sophomore album by … [Read more...]

Absinthe Junk – Living Ghosts

There never seems to be any kind of love lost for the hard rock sound that generated some of the greatest hits of the 90s. Absinthe Junk doesn’t certainly feel the need to ignore it in that their music benefits in what appears to be an almost direct second coming of that wave of music. On Living Ghosts, their brand of rock doesn’t necessarily … [Read more...]

Krokus – Hoodoo

There is very little to say about Krokus’ Hoodoo. The album marks the first studio collaboration of the original members in twenty years and its sound dates back even farther. While they can advertise, merchandise and theorize as much as they want about being fierce and fresh, the album is anything but. In essence, it’s a stale and lifeless version … [Read more...]

Muse – Muse: Under Review DVD

The story of a band like Muse is an interesting one to follow – to say the least. Through releases they’ve only gained more and more fans, while growing a steady amount of detractors. The latter complain of over-the-top arrangements, outlandish compositions and claim an unoriginal style. On Muse Under Review, you get the people that sit on the … [Read more...]

Stygian – Fury Rising

Long before their lifestyle determined their deathstyle, Metallica laid claim to a career arc and success story unmatched in heavy music to this day. From the humblest of beginnings as a group of near-broke metal hopefuls getting by on chops and persistence alone, through the "classic" era that transformed them into a progressive thrash powerhouse, … [Read more...]

Them Crooked Vultures – Them Crooked Vultures

The idea of Them Crooked Vultures sounded too good to be true. How could one take frontman Joshua Homme and reconnect him with the awesome drumming of Dave Grohl? But even with them two, they decided to also throw in Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones to play bass, for good measure. And yes, we’re talking about Jones, who was the bassist for one of the … [Read more...]

HULL – Sole Lord

I fear for HULL. Not that I find any particular fault with the heavy, driving monolith of sound that is Sole Lord; but rather, because the band already seems to have fallen victim to various misrepresentations via buzz-word and nu-genre classification. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at the point where terms like “post-metal” and Neurosis and/or … [Read more...]