Blackwater James- Blackwater James

I have a few loose - very loose - connections to Blackwater James, the Atlanta rockers. The connections are just existent¬†enough that I was blown away when I heard they opened for Ratt and The Scorpions. I almost know people who played with famous people! Then I realized that it was Ratt and The Scorpions, two out of hand 80s hair metal bands. With … [Read more...]

Kopek- White Collar Lies

Sometime in the late eighties to¬†early nineties, I thought everyone got together and decided arena rock and hair metal had run its unbearable course. Grunge helped put a stop to that, which would itself get laughable as the alt-grunge bands flooded the scene. Music like Kopek is why the underground exists. When a style takes over the radio, … [Read more...]