Dustin Wong – Infinite Love

Psych guitarists are eschewing bandmates at a greater rate every year. Although composing and recording trippy jams by oneself is nothing new (the 70’s saw great work in this area by Steve Hillage, Manuel Gottsching, and many others), the ease with which anyone can record whatever they want for little to no cost has helped usher in an explosion in … [Read more...]

Raymond Scott Woolson – Broken Things Mended

Usually the phrase one-man band conjures thoughts of a guy on stage with either a guitar or keyboard, a tambourine tied to his leg, a harmonica harnessed to his neck, and a kick drum at foot, making a living more from spectacle than from any sort of memorable music. Raymond Scott Woolson is a one-man band, but in almost the completely opposite … [Read more...]

Evan Caminiti – West Winds

Guitarist Evan Caminiti hails from San Francisco, and West Winds is an appropriate title for his new solo album (he is perhaps better known for being part of metal drone duo Barn Owl). The seven songs on this recording play out on a grand scale, and it’s easy to envision them being unleashed by Caminiti from one of the natural wonders of the Bay … [Read more...]

Ken Camden – Lethargy & Repercussion

Solo electric guitarists have been releasing albums that sound like they were made on anything but a guitar for a good while now.  The first that come to mind are the avant-garde leaning gentlemen who use computers like they're exaggerated effects pedal. On the more melodic side of the spectrum you have Fennesz and Christopher Willits, following on … [Read more...]