Various Artists – The Matinee Grand Pix

Grand Prix is a compilation from Matinee Recordings. The contributors include, Northern Portrait, Strawberry Whiplash, The Lucksmiths, The Electric Pop Group, Clay Hips, Tender Trap, Simpatico, Cats on Fire, Bubblebum Lemonade, Math and Physics Club, and The Guild League. The compilation is a collection of eleven soft guitar-pop tunes. The focus … [Read more...]

Afternoon Naps – Parade

Cleveland, Ohio-based Afternoon Naps revives 1960s-influenced indie-pop and 1990s U.K. twee sensibilities, projecting an upbeat instrumental dynamism that contrasts with the introspective singing and lyrics.  The band is made up of Tom Dechristofaro (songwriter/guitarist) and Leia Hohenfeld (arranger/keyboardist) and the two have been playing since … [Read more...]

Tigers Jaw – s/t

Tigers Jaw pretty much fucks themselves from the beginning of this self titled album. Opener "The Sun" starts as a Get Up Kids influenced pop punk, but then the the entire song stops less than 40 seconds in and suddenly becomes a clean midtempo minor key pop song.  The crunchy distortion kicks back in for the chorus, but what happened to the upbeat … [Read more...]