Fire Records lets loose another three Robert Pollard releases for 2012

Not content with consummating his new relationship with Fire Records with two creditable classic line-up Guided By Voices reunion albums (Let's Go Eat The Factory and Class Clown Spots A UFO) and a low-key yet likeable solo album (Mouseman Cloud) already in 2012, Robert Pollard returns for the latter end of the year with no less than more three … [Read more...]

Todd Tobias – Medicine Show

The name Todd Tobias probably isn't a name familiar to you unless you are a very keen fan of prolific Indie mavericks Guided By Voices. Since 2002, when he produced GBV's Universal Truths And Cycles album Tobias has assisted the band in pursuing their single mindedly idiosyncratic visions, and while they perhaps exist on the boundaries of obscurity … [Read more...]

American Werewolf Academy- Triceratops

A fleeting thrill, the album Triceratops is a cheap date with American Werewolf Academy. The band isn't ashamed of that. The problem is that tomorrow morning they probably won't be wanted anymore. The band, a three piece from Denton, Texas, sounds like a garage band playing power pop. At their best, they pitch a spirited raucous. But otherwise … [Read more...]