The History Of Colour TV – Something Like Eternity

The band website says much about The History Of Colour TV and their music even before the first notes have spilled out of the speakers. An animated sequence of dark, rain heavy stormclouds blowing overhead, preparing to unleash all manner of thunderous weather conditions. As an introduction to the Berlin-based post-rock trio, whose third album … [Read more...]

Elevant – There Is A Tide

First track "I'm Only Falling Apart" crashes out of the speakers like a suddenly opened and over-full cupboard of objects that make loud noises when they land on the floor - unspecified metal implements, half a dozen skateboards, unstrung guitars and skinless drum parts. On their third album, Elevant have much in the way of gained experience to … [Read more...]

Slutever – Almost Famous

The question I mull over while listening to Slutever’s latest release, Almost Famous, is this: how is it possible for music to be so snotty, and yet so gorgeous? I always have this reaction to Slutever. They’re bratty and raw. There’s plenty of crunchy, fuzzy guitar. Yet at the same time, the reverb-soaked feedback that hangs over every track … [Read more...]

Quaaludes – s/t

Quaaludes are an all-girl punk act whose spiritual roots reach back past Bikini Kill all the way to The X-Ray Spex. Loud, melodic, and prone to infectious hissy-fits, they won my heart the very first time I saw them play live. It was at 924 Gilman, with about twelve other people, none of whom were as enthused as I about their set. I was almost in … [Read more...]

Hombre Malo – Persistent Murmur of Words of Wrath

That's Oslo-based four-piece Hombre Malo rattling the windows with “Persistent Murmur of Words of Wrath.” The seven songs on this band's sophomore album plunge forward with the grunge-inflected insistence of The Melvins channeled through the pummeling modus operandi of Unsane. Their music is sludgy, abrasive, and satisfyingly good. The first … [Read more...]

The Young – Chrome Cactus

I had the immense privilege to review The Young’s 2012 full-length release, Dub Egg. This Austin, TX quartet thrives on rock and roll. It’s sewn into their very fiber. Their newest release, Chrome Cactus was released August 26th 2014 via Matador Records. Adaptable yet precocious, the fuzzy vocals of singer Hans Zimmerman naysay against the … [Read more...]

Friendly Faux – “Three Lefts”

Ohio is very much the opposite of the desert valley wonderland of California and Arizona. Columbus based band Friendly Faux may not be looking to change that, but their song “Three Lefts” is more Blues for the Red Sun than Bee Thousand or The Big Come Up, to name some of Ohio’s more well-known acts. Coming from their recent EP of the same name, … [Read more...]

In Cages – The Hillsdale EP

Cooperatively, the Hillsdale, New Jersey quartet, In Cages, aggressively approaches their brand new self-titled EP with a grunge saturated focus and a motivation to change any concrete stereotypes of the genre. Unlike many of its fellow indie grunge rockers, In Cages has a bit of a distinctive edge with a diverse array of musicianship including a … [Read more...]

JEFF the Brotherhood- We Are the Champions

Take one part good Weezer, one part Wavves, one part Nirvana and you might get the picture on what JEFF the Brotherhood is like. A high-octane garage rock duo from Nashville, Jake and Jamin Orrall are a lot of damn fun. Jake has a bit of Rivers Cuomo in his vocals, both in voice and melodic style. Hooks are what will win you over with JEFF--Jake is … [Read more...]

Thinning The Herd – Oceans Rise

Once renowned for its vibrant rock scene, New York City is being energised with a new breed of metal bands keeping the city’s rock spirit alive. Thinning The Herd is at the forefront of this resurgence and released their new album Oceans Rise on April 5th. Since forming in 2006 the band have pushed themselves and their sound to great effect locally … [Read more...]