Harpoon – Deception Among Birds

The controlled chaos and staggering sounds arising from the blend of grindcore, hardcore, and punk within the new album Deception Among Birds from Chicago metallers Harpoon, has resulted in a release that is gloriously impressive and deeply satisfying. The album, released October 25th via Seventh Rule Recordings, is a creative triumph, a colossus … [Read more...]

Goregast – Desechos Humanos

Armed with rampant and eager brutality, the third album from German band Goregast is primed to violate the ear, its bone-crushing aggression destined to wreck bodies just as equally as it will pleasure them with exceptional old school styled death metal / grindcore. Desechos Humanos is an aggravated beast determined to undermine the senses with … [Read more...]

Squash Bowels – Tnyribal

Polish band Squash Bowels, since hitting the ground aggressively in 1994, have been one of the leaders and more notable bands in European grindcore, and their 2000 debut album Tnyribal was a landmark that made other bands of the genre take note. Originally available on Czech record label Obscene Productions, the rare release sees a return August … [Read more...]

Desalmado – Hereditas EP

Crazed, dynamic, crushing, and monstrous - just a few words that reveal themselves as the six track savage beast Hereditas from Brazilian grindcore band Desalmado lays waste to the ear drums. Many releases get described as having intensity but few will get near to the pummelling and sense shattering aggression shown by Desalmado. Hereditas … [Read more...]

Anaal Nathrakh – Passion

One does not exactly sit and listen to Anaal Nathrakh but rather allows a complete and thorough violation upon the senses. The band's aural assault is all consuming and blatantly violent. The group from Birmingham, UK bring their own brand of black and death metal, with infusions of many other genres such as grindcore and industrial, stripping it … [Read more...]

Total Fucking Destruction – Hater

From the moment of their creation as the 21st Century began Total Fucking Destruction has been striving to experiment with sound and noise, in the process making their grindcore sound imaginative and intriguing. They now return with their third full length album Hater carrying the same aim and newer bolts of furious, titanic, stabs of power. How to … [Read more...]

Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Agorapocalypse

In the time since Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s Altered States Of America warped the confines of rapid-fire metal in 2003, it’d be fair to say that the heavier edge of the musical landscape has by large attempted to play catch-up with some of the band’s watermarks. A look at the current state of affairs in the periphery of metal unfortunately still … [Read more...]