Joker – The Vision

Glitchy, dubstep-infused R&B is nothing particularly new or groundbreaking in 2011. With English prodigy James Blake, dubstep R&B made a definitive entrance into the US this year, complete with an endless wave of hype and anticipation. Indie blogs ate it up feverishly, promoting the movement at seemingly every opportunity that they were … [Read more...]

Q&A With Terror Danjah

Terror Danjah is one of the OGs of the British grime scene we've all familiarized ourselves over the past ten years, we recently caught up with him as he prepares to put out a ton of music in the back half of 2010. You seem like a pretty busy guy based on your twitter feed, what are you working on that you're most excited about right now? I … [Read more...]

Terror Danjah – The Power Grid E.P.

It’s strange to say, but at this point in Grime’s development we can earnestly divide up a forbearing group of grandmaster producers, and a young, exciting generation of up-and-comers. It seems only a little while ago we were just familiarizing ourselves with this strange (and intrinsically British) brand of dance music, and now it’s got its very … [Read more...]

Actress – Splazsh

Beat-centered electronic music’s most interesting days are likely still ahead of it. Kraftwerk’s robo-pop and Manuel Göttsching’s E2-E4 long ago provided the primordial soup for the later, more austere and experimental European versions of techno and house - which themselves subsequently spawned a plethora of subgenres - and the noteworthy music … [Read more...]

Datsik/Flux Pavilion/Excision – Boom EP

In addition to the somewhat worthy attention that Burial received for his two albums, the dubstep genre has always been a thriving and prevailing community in music. Artists like Benga, EL-B, Oris Jay and many others have proven the style of music to be a fantastic genre. It’s even moved into the realm of hip-hop where many have cited it for the … [Read more...]