Lake of Tears – Illwill

It’s 2011 and guess who just threw a new album out into the cosmic soup of minstrels, none other than Lake of Tears.  That’s right, those psychedelic/doom/goth metal maestros from Sweden are back nearly 20 years after their inception as a death metal act.  Its been 4 years since their last release Moons and Mushrooms, which was a spectacular if not … [Read more...]

Munly and the Lupercalians – Petr and The Wulf

Munly and the Lupercalians feature some well-known Denver names - mainly Jay Munly aka Munly or Munly Munly (Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots) along with Daniel Grandbois, Todd Moore, Chadzilla, and Rebecca Vera. The group recently released its first album, Petr and The Wulf, apparently the first in a forthcoming series of … [Read more...]

Moodring – Scare of Ferret

Primitive and dark, Moodring's Scared of Ferret occupies a world of slow motion. The songs unfold gradually with slight touches of exoticism. They're largely instrumental but do feature passages of far-off female vocals, more spoken than sung. The overall effect can be otherworldly. Begun as a more experimental-sounding duo, Moodring has become … [Read more...]

Tiny Vipers – Life on Earth

For all the myriad tales of life that every person goes through, there comes along a few that just feel that much more real than the rest. Some can be bloated with over-dramatization or even a few soul-crushing moments can overbear the story's importance. But as much as one tries, life as we know it is an incredibly rewarding and challenging … [Read more...]