Callow – Blue Spells

When you consider the word callow contains both negative connotation and dictation, it’s unsurprising that leadman Red Moses and Sami Knowles would combine to name their outfit Callow. Their brand of music is unforgiving: a channeling of emotions that are ingrained into the seams of every single chord. Opener “Strange” bellows with a call to arms … [Read more...]

The Crevices Below – Below The Crevices

Brisbane multi-instrumentalist Dis Pater is known as the man behind ambient black metal project Midnight Odyssey which, though originally having its inception as far back as 1999 and seeing official light of day in 2007, has received most recognition from the re-releases of debut album The Forest Mourners and the follow-up Firmamant by Kunsthauch … [Read more...]

Blackout Beach – Skin of Evil

The record opens with a repetitive thumping, like some primitive dance beat mouthed onto the waiting surface of a microphone, before we hear the guitar, shimmering and beautiful, a fragile and repeating series of notes cascading off the walls in an echo chamber. Voices drone and murmur low in the background. “I think there was men before me who … [Read more...]