An Amalgamated Albums A-Z of 2017 (From Binker And Moses to Roger Waters)

As we approach another year’s end reflecting on what wares touched us the most on the aural plane, it's clear once more that there have just been too many things released to boil it all down here into a fully comprehensive, easily portable or competitive clickbait compendium. Instead, below is an independently-selected clutch of albums and one … [Read more...]

Piano Magic – Closure

Although 2012's Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet was to have been Piano Magic’s swansong LP, its title hid a get-back-together clause in plain sight.  With leader Glen Johnson having recently endured the end of a long-term relationship and the death of his father, the need for expansive catharsis that potentially only Piano Magic could channel, … [Read more...]

Tullia Benedicta – Anteros

Although never a label to discourage the collaborative tangling of its artists and their shared musical influences, the Italian-born and now London-based Tullia Benedicta is perhaps the first younger artist to be openly inspired by the work of Second Language's co-founder Glen Johnson and his work leading Piano Magic.  Previously a member of … [Read more...]

Silver Servants – self-titled

The collection of artists that have made up the Second Language roster since the label’s inception in 2009 have never shied away from collaboration or exploring shared ideas, whether it be through a myriad of themed compilations or via the direct intermingling of musicians across separate albums.  This new - but long-in-the-works - project takes … [Read more...]

Glen Johnson – Same Sex

Although there was a certain degree of sadness attached to the dissolution of Piano Magic - informally announced around the release of last summer’s excellent Heart Machinery rarities anthology - the knowledge that many of the main group members would carry on with other projects has been both reassuring and tantalising.  Hence, co-singer Angèle … [Read more...]

Piano Magic – Heart Machinery: A Piano Magic Retrospective 2001 – 2008

The unveiling of this second volume of Piano Magic singles, EP cuts and sundry extra-curricular pieces comes with the news that the band - which began way back in 1996 - may have amicably called it a day, for at least an extended indefinite hiatus.  Whilst many long-time devotees of Glen Johnson’s forever-evolving London-based but internationalist … [Read more...]

Piano Magic – Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet

With 2009’s Ovations (the last official Piano Magic album if we exclude 2010’s self-revisiting limited edition Home Recordings) Glen Johnson and co. had arguably taken Piano Magic's most electric guitar-driven phase to a logical end. Hence, in the spirit of the band’s cyclical ritual for reinvention - that has expanded and sustained Piano Magic’s … [Read more...]

Klima – Serenades & Serinettes

Having given herself over so selflessly as a spellbinding vocal conduit for the muse of Glen Johnson (through Piano Magic and connected side-projects), Angèle David-Guillou’s 2007 solo debut under her Klima pseudonym ultimately struggled to reach out as a truly standalone affair, despite its inherent allure and promising charms.  This long-gestated … [Read more...]

FAO#26: Second Language Records (Ghostwriter & Piano Magic)

As you may have read recently, through this writer’s uploaded pages on DOA, the London/Copenhagen-based Second Language label is already successfully nailing its reinvigorating manifesto on to the back door of the music industry.  Through a confluence of physical artefact celebration, fashion-avoiding attitudes, a playful sense of mystery, a … [Read more...]

Artists-On-Albums: AOA#10 (Piano Magic’s Glen Johnson on North Marine Drive)

Glen Johnson (Piano Magic, Textile Ranch, Future Conditional) on… Ben Watt’s North Marine Drive (Cherry Red, 1983) There's a striking resemblance, at least in the fashion stakes, between me in 1983 and Ben Watt on the reverse of this, his debut (and only) solo album that year. The short-back-and-sides coupled with a Silvikrin … [Read more...]