Neverending White Lights – Act III: Love Will Ruin (Part 1)

Heartbreak is a natural part of the human condition, and when it happens, we seem to attach romantic significance to everything we experience. Luckily, on its third album, Act III: Love Will Ruin (Part 1), Neverending White Lights provides a perfect soundtrack for these moments. With its dreamy, sorrowful melodies, fragile music, and crushing … [Read more...]

Of Montreal – False Priest

Prolific songwriters tend to flabbergast with their steady flow of releases, sometimes unfortunately casting aside true substance in favor pure mass.  Kevin Barnes – operating, as always, under his Of Montreal guise – is no stranger to this trend, having time and again astonished audiences with both his rapid fire cadence of new releases and … [Read more...]

Logan 5 and The Runners – Featurette

On their debut album Boston five-piece, Logan 5 and The Runners (David Berndt - vox, guitar, Chris Barrett -keyboards, trumpet, Marc Beaulieu -drums, Mike DeLisile -bass and Nick Balkin -guitar), have managed to convey a retro, Velvet Goldmine-esque swagger mixed with the fresh exuberance and sleaze of the more glam aspects of Brit pop; at once … [Read more...]