T. Rex – Remixes

It's over forty years since Marc Bolan and his band first made their presence known. At a time when synthesizers were as remote from ordinary music buyers as NASA technology and colour television was still a novelty, T. Rex were at the forefront of the glam-rock movement, bands whose appearance was glitzily colourful and whose foot-stompingly … [Read more...]

Casual Sex – Stroh 80 7″

A band with the name Casual Sex ought to turn a few heads and leave the sensitive listener dubious over what sleazy attitude and music they employ. Glaswegians are known for their dry wit and humorous observations of society’s ills: underage drinking, track-suited neds, and of course, shameless one night stands. This Scottish four-piece engage … [Read more...]

Suede – Bloodsports

Hunky-dory Bloodsports heralds the welcome return of British band Suede after an over-10-year absence from the music scene.  Who would have thought that a band that made its name during the heady years of the 1990s, when Britpop ruled the U.K. and indie U.S. airwaves, would make a comeback in 2013? Who would have thought that, after all these … [Read more...]

Turbonegro – Sexual Harassment

Grunge, “skateboard video” rock n’ roll is no stranger to the airwaves, and for some, this sound is ideal for any road trip or party setting. Turbonegro breathes this sound and caters flawlessly to fans of the genre as they fuel the extreme sports population on Volcom’s record label. It’s hard to categorize this album without the safety harness of … [Read more...]

Of Montreal – Thecontrollersphere EP

In his 15-year run under the Of Montreal moniker, Kevin Barnes has wholeheartedly embraced artistic reinvention and development, traversing a wide swath of terrain that has seen his indie pop band delve into everything from vaudeville and twee to funk and glam rock.  Arguably one of the most colorful characters in modern music, Barnes has assumed a … [Read more...]

Burnt Ones – Black Teeth And Golden Tongues

Exactly what images and imagined or remembered sounds do the words 'Dream Pop' conjure up? Ear blistering fuzztone guitar riffs, echoing doo-wop inspired three part harmony choruses, crashing and swaying drum rhythms, flashing stage lights, big shiny guitars and stage sets, and walking out of a gig half deaf and/or blinded. That's what pop music … [Read more...]

MEandJOANCOLLINS – 2009 Boston Music Award Nominee

The gritty garage and glam rock stylings of Cambridge-based MEandJOANCOLLINS have garnered the band a nomination at this year's Boston Music Awards. DOA's review of the band's swaggering debut LP, Love. Trust. Faith. Lust., is available here. You can also help the band clinch the Pop Act of the Year award by voting on the BMA homepage . … [Read more...]

Gene Dante & The Future Starlets-The Romantic Lead

Sleaze, excess, and debauchery are, for better or for worse, a part of rock and roll's DNA.  Be it the suggestive hip gyrations of Elvis or the hotel room indiscretions of Led Zeppelin, bad boy behavior is part and parcel of the devil's music.  It may not always be in the limelight, but mindless self-indulgences (i.e.: reckless drug use and/or … [Read more...]

MEandJOANCOLLINS – Love. Trust. Faith. Lust.

Like the finest glam rock of yore, the Cambridge, MA outfit MEandJOANCOLLINS specialize in a sweaty fusion of sexual perversion and hard rockin’ bombast. But unlike the genre’s forefathers (T. Rex, Roxy Music) this indie-minded foursome steers clear of any campy theatricality and fantastical preoccupations with grandeur. The grouop's debut LP … [Read more...]