A.R.C. Soundtracks – DERELICTION​/​/​MIRROR

Although the geographically-scattered and now hiatus-prone Last Harbour appear to have been supplanted by A.R.C. Soundtracks as the primary vehicle for shared co-founders David Armes and Kevin Craig, it’s certainly not restricted the twosome’s creative range. Quite the contrary in fact, as this third even deeper-reaching album attests.  In our … [Read more...]

Astrïd & Rachel Grimes – Through The Sparkle

As the nominative leader of Louisville legends Rachel’s, Rachel Grimes can certainly take a large chunk of credit for broadening the horizons of many post-rock aficionados into more classical views between 1991 and 2005.  Outside of her influential canon with Rachel’s, Grimes has continually spread her talents more widely; with guest spots on … [Read more...]

Last Harbour – “Paler Cities” b/w “The Curved Road” 7″ & A.R.C. Soundtracks – From A Shattered Beam

Having stylistically stretched themselves wider of late - with last year’s Last Harbour album Caul and 2013’s full-length Archive: Volume One debut as side-project A.R.C. Soundtracks - long-time collaborators David Armes and Kev Craig return once more with two new near-simultaneous off-piste releases that extend their reach even further; into both … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#46 (Brave Timbers’ Sarah Kemp on The Night Is Advancing)

Sarah Kemp (Brave Timbers) on… Appendix Out’s The Night Is Advancing (Drag City, 2001) I first got to hear of Appendix Out through a boyfriend I had at the time, around when I was about 19 or 20 years old. We were listening to bands like Low, the Dirty Three, Will Oldham and his Palace stuff, and I guess it was maybe because Appendix Out … [Read more...]

Conquering Animal Sound – Kammerspiel

Although the mistiness of pop has definitely lost its luster throughout so many continuously repetitive drives of the same style, the same sense, the same structure and much more; there’s still the conquering ability of being able to turn the everyday pop we know into something far more meaningful. Artists like Björk and Fever Ray mesh various … [Read more...]

Gizeh Records Offers Free Sampler

Leeds-based independent label Gizeh Records have issued a free downloadable 12 track sampler featuring songs spanning their entire back catalogue as well as new tracks from upcoming releases by Redjetson, worriedaboutsatan and Trespassers William. You can download the sampler here: www.gizehrecords.com/GIZEH_Sampler2009.zip A full … [Read more...]