Ghost at the Bowery Ballroom, New York City 1/18/12

For the first time in my 34 years on planet Earth, I traveled over 1,500 miles to see a band. Sure, I've done the road trips and the quick bus ride "thing". What better reason to board a 7am flight bound for JFK than to see Ghost, playing their 3rd show on American soil. The mystery surrounding the identity of the band aside, they proceeded to … [Read more...]

Brad Tilbe’s Top 3 of 2011

1. Ghost - Opus Eponymous Ghost have created quite a buzz in the Metal scene since (and prior to) the January 2011 release of their first full length, Opus Eponymous. They're not necessarily Metal, and they're technically not a Rock band. Ghost is a melodic, heavy concoction of both. Lyrics boast Satan as their master, God, and taker of life. … [Read more...]

Damon & Naomi – False Beats And True Hearts

Although some still may mourn the short life and abrupt passing of Galaxie 500 – with last year’s back catalogue reissues no doubt exacerbating such feelings – it’s arguable that the split was ultimately creatively beneficial to the threesome in their subsequent creative roles.  Hence Dean Wareham was able to take his distinctive tones, gifted … [Read more...]