Interview with Northern Lights

Hello Jonas, David, Tobias, and Jon!  It’s such a treat to catch up with you all and to find out more about you and your upcoming album.  For those who don’t know, who is in the band and what instruments do you play? Hello Jen! Northern Lights: Well, we're a bunch of guys who want to create something energetic; who want to express ourselves. … [Read more...]

Underappreciated Album of the Month: UAM #9 (Pluramon – The Monstrous Surplus, 2007)

With this feature we focus our attention on an album that may not have gotten the recognition and accolades it deserves. It might be a cult hit, a little-known favorite, or an album that is just so great, we feel it needs all of the attention possible. Albums chosen for this feature were released five years ago or more and are chosen at the … [Read more...]

Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld – Still Smiling

Hellish nightmares, tender dreams and all that’s in between are dramatically evoked in this collaboration between Italian composer Teho Teardo and German musician Blixa Bargeld. The two originally worked together on a song for a film soundtrack and went on to produce a whole album over two years. It’s an album that encapsulates qualities of both … [Read more...]

SuidAkrA – Book Of Dowth

Nine albums in 14 years is no mean feat by anyone’s standards, especially when strong consistency has lined every release as well as being some of the best folk metal heard. Now the creators SuidAkrA have set loose their tenth and arguably best album Book Of Dowth. Since their formation in 1994 the German Celt Metallers have delivered some great … [Read more...]