Landing – Landing

Landing albums have always been beauties regardless of volume, but they've usually been typecast as music for sleep or rest, operating well at lower volumes. Not so with their first album of new music in 6 years, the self-titled Landing. The louder you play it, the better it gets. The personnel for this album is Aaron Snow, Adrienne Snow, and … [Read more...]

Landing – “Into the Hall” b/w “Following Daylight”

After a number of years off, under-the-radar bliss-masters Landing return with a couple of songs reaffirming their easy mastery of hushed tones and soft drones. “Into the Hall” reprises the muffled, jaunty marching drums from the “Gravitational” days, as Aaron Snow’s whisper coats the gauzy bed of sound like a fuzzy comforter. And his voice really … [Read more...]