Book Review: The Advanced Genius Theory: Are They Out of Their Minds or Ahead of Their Time?

Everybody is familiar with the feelings of cultural growing pains. One of your favorite artists puts out something you have a lukewarm response to, and then they end up collaborating with someone you find hideously untalented. You hear their music in a context you don’t expect and can’t control; maybe at a football game, or in a car commercial. … [Read more...]

FAO#22: Kraftwerk – 12345678 The Catalogue (reissues)

Although retrospective eyes regularly fall upon Kraftwerk for the group’s profound impact upon the music world as we now know it, we should not neglect re-examining the actual recorded body of work produced by the Düsseldorf pioneers.  Sure, we can forever play a spot-the-Kraftwerk-influence game when analysing the good, bad and plain ugly of … [Read more...]