Obits – Moody, Standard, and Poor

When it comes to crafting succinct blasts of scrappy, blues-driven rock 'n’ roll, there are few bands right now doing it with more spry spunkiness than Brooklyn’s Obits. With the musical economy of Spoon but the wiry performance practice of, say, The Strokes or The Walkmen, Obits fuses unrelenting grooves and urgent tempos with careening stabs of … [Read more...]

The White Wires – WWII

Been there, done that is one way to describe the sun-soaked garage-punk heard on The White Wires’ sophomore effort WWII. The Canadian trio of Ian (vox/guitar), Luke (bass/vox) and Allie (drums) dive head first into a playful and melodic, yet somewhat formulaic, mix of sun-soaked garage-punk. The power chords are crisp, executed with a youthful … [Read more...]

My Drug Hell – 2

My Drug Hell's guitar hooks get right into you. You've heard them before, on the radio, at a party, in a record shop, you might even already own several of them, particularly if there are any Arthur Lee albums in your collections.  But whereas today "Forever Changes" sounds audacious and not a little challenging in its determinedly right/left … [Read more...]

The Bubble Project – The Technicolor Dream Machine

UK group The Bubble  Project will rot the pearly whites right out of your chunky gray and gooey pinks.  The band’s The Technicolor Dream Machine appears to be a concept album about an unknown being traveling around a galaxy fit for a 1950s B-movie in search of love, which finds finality with a proposal to Astro Girl (the seemingly infinite “Will … [Read more...]

Black Lips: 200MillionThousand

Comedy in music is a double edged sword, irony a rubber mallet. Particularly if your influences aren't immediately apparent, and crossing your fingers while hoping the audience are in on the gags isn't always going to make for entertaining live shows. And some truly great rock n roll is already well beyond satire. Basically, Black Lips is the … [Read more...]