Slutever – Almost Famous

The question I mull over while listening to Slutever’s latest release, Almost Famous, is this: how is it possible for music to be so snotty, and yet so gorgeous? I always have this reaction to Slutever. They’re bratty and raw. There’s plenty of crunchy, fuzzy guitar. Yet at the same time, the reverb-soaked feedback that hangs over every track … [Read more...]

Acid Fast – Rabid Moon

Somewhere about a half-decade after punk-rock went mainstream, a renaissance of sorts took place. Where bands like Green Day, NOFX, The Offspring, et al had saturated the market with their fuck-all ethos – a new crop of upstarts sought to marry their well-worn four-chord propulsion with a little more intellect, a little less angst, and a bit more … [Read more...]

Howler – America Give Up

Unfortunately for Howler, the Strokes’ last album wasn’t a stinker; otherwise this spirited bunch of young Minnesotans would probably take their place as the rightful heirs to the throne of fuzzy, floppy-haired, lo-fi strum ’n’ roll. While Casablancas and Co. can still bear each other’s company long enough to show the young pretenders how it’s … [Read more...]

Tweak Bird – s/t

Last summer I saw Tweak Bird open for Big Business. I love both bands, but was really excited to see the Bird brothers play. Not only did their show give me goose bumps (a great indication of something phenomenal), they totally blew Big Business away. It's not often I can say that about an opening band. Their 2008 debut EP Reservations is … [Read more...]