James Blake – James Blake

Runner up of the BBC's Sound of 2011 poll, up and comer James Blake is nothing less than a maelstrom of intricacy. Having cut his teeth in the South London jungle and dubstep turntable circles whilst studying popular music at Goldsmiths University, he spent most of 2010 creating his self titled debut record. No-one saw what was coming, as his … [Read more...]


Supergroups and collaborations are among the most beloved occurrences in music. Few things are better than when several of your favorite artists work on and release a project together. Case in point—HBC, the eponymous debut from Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin, and Dennis Chambers. Full of jazz fusion techniques and timbres, it’s a thoroughly exciting … [Read more...]

Todd Grubbs – Return of the Worm

It’s not uncommon for rock/fusion guitarists to be a bit weird and eclectic. They implement odd sounds and styles into their instrumentals for the sake of unique variety. Veteran musician Todd Grubbs is no different; if you can’t tell by its cover, his newest LP, Return of the Worm, is quite an adventure. Born in Tampa, Florida, Grubbs has been … [Read more...]

Gabor Szabo – Jazz Raga

Jazz Raga, Hungarian-born guitarist Gabor Szabo’s third solo album, is his most recent to receive the remaster/reissue treatment (and Light in the Attic has given him his most loving treatment yet, with original artwork, a 40-page booklet featuring unpublished photos, interviews with the band, and a feature from a jazz magazine from the time of … [Read more...]