The Antikaroshi – Per/son/alien

Unlike most three piece bands, The Antikaroshi don't record drop layers of multi-instrument tracks to create a fuller sound, nor do they need to.  The German band, through their neat blends of noise and melodic soundscapes, bring a full and bursting sound to their tracks on second album Per/son/alien.  The songs are cleverly written using simple … [Read more...]

The Workhorse III – Workhorse III

The Workhorse III are here to remind you of real rock n’ roll and what it used to bring to the table. There are moments where I find myself thinking of about fifteen types of rock it reminds me of, but am unable to pin it down because they’ve already moved on to the next rollicking riff. "Let it Begin" opens the album with good energy, prompting … [Read more...]

Salli Lunn – Heresy And Rite

"The Frame Of Reference" opens with as rattle of synthetic and a purposeful drumbeat. Over this, plucked bass strings and distant keyboards back some convoluted lyricism: 'a sketch and a drawing / pronouncing the problem to be redefined'. The bass slows and the song paradoxically takes flight, its mood simultaneously maudlin, neurotic, mildly … [Read more...]

We’ll Go Machete – s/t EP

We'll Go Machete's self-titled debut EP is a stout bit of rock music. Exploring the roughage of 1990's hard rock and post-punk, this Austin band hacks more so than slashes with their sound. Their sinewy songs roundly amplify a paced but aggressive sonic attack. Post-punk riffage and hard rock confidence are its method. To rival those chugging, … [Read more...]