Dean McPhee – Son Of The Black Peace

Even for a relatively experienced critic, sometimes describing – let alone judging – music can be like nailing jelly to a wall.  Certainly, someone who falls into this hard to nail-up category is West Yorkshire’s solo electric guitar man Dean McPhee.  Trying to unpick and trace what makes his muse work – and work so well – is a tough ask when this … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO #18

Sometimes it's a wonder the music world hasn't just collapsed back on itself, upon reaching a critical mass of self-regurgitation.  Miraculously though, the capacity of long-serving artists to periodically reinvent and regenerate has helped to shuffle around the rock/pop planet's furniture into seemingly infinite feng shui combinations to avoid a … [Read more...]

Flipsides and Otherwise: FAO #13

Diversity isn’t necessarily the meaning to an artistically successful musical life. Sure, as a consuming listener gathering an eclectic sonic collection can be part of the recipe for lifelong happiness and open-mindedness. Yet within such broad libraries there should always be segregated silos for undiluted sonic-mould-setters to congeal … [Read more...]